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  • The Effects of Office Lighting


    Lighting will affect the different psychological environments of human beings, and the required light is also different. This is what the office should have. It is necessary to create a simple, tidy, and capable effect to set off this kind of generous and gorgeous warm feeling, and to attract the co Read More
  • Office Lighting Design And Importance


    Office lighting technology is a relatively comprehensive technology. It is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented, accurate positioning of Office Ceiling Linear Light, to keep energy from being wasted, and the impact on the surrounding environment is also very important.Here is the content list: Read More
  • Misunderstandings of lighting layout and office lighting application


    The light that has a great impact on the human eye should not only satisfy the comfort and practicality of people doing anything under different light conditions but also pay attention to the overall different effects. Light changes how we recognize and understand everything around us. The scientifi Read More
  • Reasonable use of office lighting


    In office lighting design, different types of Office Ceiling Linear lights and lighting methods with different effects are used in the same space, which is different. It is even more different in different spaces, and this method is used to achieve a certain purpose of framing virtual spaces. Here i Read More
  • The combination of daylighting and our hot selling products


    The combination of daylighting and our hot-selling productsBefore designing the Mini Magnetic Linear Light, carefully examine the surrounding environment. For example, the type of building, whether it is the same brand or a large shopping mall, whether it can achieve the main design concept that th Read More
  • Mini Magnetic Linear Light color selection and glare control.edited


    Nowadays Mini Magnetic Linear Light is widely used. Especially in clothing stores, Mini Magnetic Linear Light can be seen in abundance.Here is the content list:Choice of Mini Magnetic Linear Light colorTake measures against direct glare and indirect glareChoice of Mini Magnetic Linear Light colorPeo Read More
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