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Widespread use of Linear Grille Light
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Widespread use of Linear Grille Light

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Widespread use of Linear Grille Light

Linear Grille Light, is not just a lighting fixture, it is a decoration to some extent. Therefore, appearance is very important, so it must be done beautifully. If necessary, some side ribs should be considered to increase their strength and make them not easy to deform. Although the color of the appearance is only a momentary impression, it is not important to install it. But it is the first impression, and the first impression is very important. It will affect whether the product is easily accepted by people, so it is not necessarily all gray paint.

Here is the content list:

l Extensive use of Linear Grille Light

l Some common diseases in today's lamps

Extensive use of Linear Grille Light

In the early 1980s, the first office building, Lianyi Building, was built in Shanghai. At that time, styrene-plastic panel fluorescent lamps with diffuse transmission were mainly used as the main illuminators for the office. This kind of lamp is suitable for office buildings with soft light, low illumination, and low building height. However, with time, computers are becoming more and more popular, and there are new requirements for the floor height of office buildings. Lighting illuminance, and air-conditioning comfort. So people gradually tend to adopt Linear Grille Light. Today's Overseas Chinese Building and Shanghai International Building all use Linear Grille Light, and some commercial buildings also use this kind of lighting in shopping malls, and even some of today's hospital outpatient buildings and some medical technology buildings also use this kind of lighting.

 Due to the high luminous efficiency of the Linear Grille Light, it is easy to replace the lamp tube and maintain it, so it is loved by many designers and decorators. In some old offices, the illumination needs to be redecorated, and the ceiling and lamps are usually removed and replaced with new ceilings, lamps, and furniture, so Linear Grille Light is widely used in office buildings and shopping malls.

Some common diseases in today's lamps

The lamp tube is not in good contact with the lamp pin or the lamp pin and the wiring, and the lamp pin is loose. There is no regulation for the connecting wire in the lamp, but the flame-retardant wire is temperature-resistant in the standard. The lamp tube and the ballast do not match. The lamp tube factory says it meets the national standard, and the ballast factory also says it meets the national standard, but the combination of the two will not work. In the United States, in addition to the thermal protection function of the ballast level, the outer shell will automatically cut off the power if the temperature exceeds the level, and the noise standard is also regulated. Our Linear Grille Light is of high quality which prevents the problems mentioned above.

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