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Wall Wash Grille Light Differences And Power Issues
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Wall Wash Grille Light Differences And Power Issues

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Wall Wash Grille Light Differences And Power Issues

Under normal Wall Wash Grille Light projection conditions, the illuminance and uniformity of the LED wall washer are related to the actual installation position of the lamp. The distance between the installation position of the lamp and the wall is controlled within 3 times its width. Effectively guarantee the projection uniformity of the Wall Wash Grille Light distribution. Relevant manufacturers should also grasp the width of the lamp itself when designing and discussing its light distribution application, so as to maximize its practical applicability.

Here is the content list:

l The difference between Wall Wash Grille Light and ordinary lighting

l Power issues with Wall Wash Grille Light

The difference between Wall Wash Grille Light and ordinary lighting

The biggest difference between Wall Wash Grille Light and ordinary LED lighting lies in its practical application: in most cases, LED lighting is used alone to illuminate a certain area; Wall Wash Grille Light makes the light like water waves Evenly irradiate the landscape or the building wall, and use the lighting effect to highlight the general outline and shape characteristics of the building, mainly for decoration. However, in actual use, it is still difficult to efficiently achieve low power, long distance, and uniform lighting height at the same time, which hinders the innovation and development of various lighting manufacturers. Because this requirement involves a wide range of aspects, the manufacturing unit needs to reasonably balance its various indicators under the premise of considering the cost. This is not only a test of its production technology but also an exploration of the market development orientation.

Power issues with Wall Wash Grille Light

The power problem is a key factor that directly affects the quality and efficiency of Wall Wash Grille Light. The most widely used round head LEDs and SMD LEDs on the market, due to the limitation of the power of the lamp itself due to the round head particles and SMD particles, cannot adapt to the effect of high uniformity of light washing the building wall after reducing the power. In today's lighting market, more lenses are used on the basis of SMD LEDs, which can effectively improve the appearance of Wall Wash Grille Light, but it does not have the actual effect of improving its overall performance. In the actual installation and application process of the LED wall washer, the user should consider its light projection, because if the LED wall washer wants to show the effect of light washing the wall, it needs to ensure that its projection distance is >1 m. This is no problem for an LED wall washer with power ≥24 W, but the distance between the LED wall washer and the building wall must be strictly controlled <3 cm.

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