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Our Linear Grille Light Has Plenty of Techs
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Our Linear Grille Light Has Plenty of Techs

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Our Linear Grille Light Has Plenty of Techs

Comfort and energy saving are the goals pursued by modern buildings. With the development of the times and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, office buildings, as an important part of modern architecture, are no longer just the management subsidiary of the factory, the reception station of the enterprise, and the management It is the facade of the creators, and it has truly become the creation place of civilization and the gathering place of wealth. As we all know, office space is the main construction area of office buildings, and the level of office lighting directly affects the office speed and office quality of relevant office personnel. In recent years, various types of office buildings have sprung up, and the design level of office lighting and the quality of related Linear Grille lights have gradually improved.

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l Choose from our Linear Grille Light

l Adequate technology

Choose from our Linear Grille Light

In office buildings, it is rare to simply do office work and write. People need to deal with daily affairs. In the case of high efficiency, it is necessary to properly adjust the observer's vision or move around, exchange information, and report work. Activities in this area are inseparable visual environment. An appropriate lighting environment can increase the spirit of the staff, and lighting effects are so important when discussing business with humor or showing people's real emotions when talking.

Whether it is an office building or a shopping mall, the selection of lamps and lanterns in the past cannot be envisioned by architectural and electrical engineers. The lamps and lanterns can not only decorate the decorative effect but also play a functional role.

 As the market changes, Linear Grille Light manufacturers have been influenced by modern architecture, and new technologies, new materials, and new processes will be used to develop new Linear Grille Lights. The Linear Grille Light developed by Zhongshan Teicci lighting technology Co.,ltd will focus on the characteristics of the previous grille lamps, and through the close cooperation between its professional designers and architectural and decoration designers, it will design new styles, and ideal functions, and low prices. Wumart grille lamps.

Adequate technology

We know that the naked light source has its light intensity distribution, and these lights are redistributed through the Linear Grille Light to meet the lighting requirements. At the same time, there is another main technical indicator, which is utilization efficiency. The rationality of the design involves the economic effect the optical design of the lamp is so important. For the Linear Grille Light, the optical design of the lamp is mainly to study the reflector, satisfy the rationality of the process and the advancement of the design technology, and achieve a satisfactory lighting effect. As far as the reflector is concerned, we use a point light source placed on the focus of the parabolic mirror, and through the reflector, the reflection produces a parallel beam.

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