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  • The advantages of wall wash grille lights


    A linear grille light is a lighting fixture, suitable for installation in office rooms with suspended ceilings. If installed on the wall, it can also be called a wall wash grille light. The light source is usually SMD. The base plate is made of a high-quality cold-rolled plate, and the surface is tr Read More

  • Introduction of recessed mounted grille light


    Recessed mounted grille light belongs to a kind of linear grille light, which is a more common recessed luminaire. These kinds of lamps and lanterns have higher brightness, can be installed in some hidden places, and the grounding of the lamps and lanterns is better. The following is a list of cont Read More

  • How to properly use the low UGR grille light


    Linear grille lights play an important role in our daily life, and the role played by grille lights is relatively large for people. Nowadays, the low UGR grille light is more popular, and it is more used by people. Let us introduce how to use the grille light correctly. The following is a list of co Read More

  • Classification and role of surface mounted grille lights


    The development of linear grille lights, according to the needs of decoration customers and designers, can be divided into two styles recessed grille lights and surface-mounted grille lights. The fixture style is divided into fixed type and tiltable type, different reflector in the beauty and reflec Read More

  • Application and purchase of dimmable grille lights


    A linear grille light is a group or more groups of parallel metal grilles and the framework of the lamps and lanterns, its light source is generally SMD or COB. One of the dimmable grille lights using imported organic board material, the bottom density uses a high-quality cold-rolled plate, the surf Read More

  • What makes TEICCI LIGHT different?


    LED Source.Being a partner with the top LED manufacturer, customized LED module for special project becomes possible, featuring highly-efficient lumen output in small source-size packages, our products lines are best for commercial and residential lighting applications, all ideas come true in integr Read More

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