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Quality Problems And Improvements of Grille Lamps
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Quality Problems And Improvements of Grille Lamps

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In our country, the application of Linear Grille Light can be seen everywhere, in stations, docks, conference rooms, offices, aisles, and even supermarkets and shops, it seems that as long as there is a ceiling indoors, it must be used.

Here is the content list:

l Grille Light Improvements for Computers

l The main quality problems of grille lamps

Grille Light Improvements for Computers

The popularization of computers has made the light pollution of lamps and lanterns a public hazard of using computers, and the structural improvement of the Dimmable Grille Light has become inevitable. The method can place the light source in the depth of the lamp, rely on the indirect reflection of the reflector, or increase the density of the grid. Although these two methods sacrifice part of the light effect of the lamp, they avoid light pollution of the lamp, so that there will be no light spots on the computer screen.

The main quality problems of grill lamps

(1) The metal material of the Linear Grille Light does not meet the requirements. The material of the lamp shell is too thin, some are only 0.3mm, and it is easily deformed during transportation and installation. From the perspective of use, the shell material is generally not less than 0.5mm in order to meet the basic requirements. The so-called stainless steel used for the reflector is mostly tinplate coating. After a period of use, it will change color and rust, and lose the function of the reflector;

(2) Luminaire accessories, such as lamp pins, starter holders, terminal posts, wires, etc., shall be made of flame-retardant materials. However, quite a few grilled lamps sold on the market fail to meet this requirement, and problems such as too thin wires may cause fire hazards in the use of lamps.

(3) The driver is the heart of the grille lamp, and its quality directly affects the quality of the lamp. Many low-quality and shoddy grille lamps use unqualified driver. For example, some magnetic ballast do not use silicon steel sheets as iron cores, but iron sheets as iron cores. This kind of ballast has defects such as loud noise, temperature rise, slow start, or even failure to start, and some electronic ballasts only want to be cheap and use unqualified electronic components, and capacitors explode during use. From the perspective of usage, the use of unqualified ballasts is the direct cause of fires caused by lamps.

(4) The structure of the lamp does not meet the requirements, such as the connection between the reflector and the shell is not tight, and it is easy to fall off during use. In addition, the light distribution curve of the reflector does not meet the requirements, or the reflective surface is too small, and some reflective surfaces are only 2 to 3 cm. The luminous efficiency of this kind of lamp is only about 50% or lower, and it cannot achieve the effect of high efficiency and energy saving.

(5) The surface treatment of grid lamps is mostly baking paint or plastic spraying, but many companies reduce the process in order to reduce costs, and do not remove oil and rust on the steel plate, do not phosphating and pickle, and appearance conforms to the process flow from the appearance The quality is not much different, but rust and peeling will appear after a period of use.

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