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Causes of Security Issues
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Causes of Security Issues

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This article mainly conducts a comprehensive analysis of the potential safety hazards that are likely to be caused during the use of High Lumen output Ceiling Light, and puts forward targeted solutions and suggestions, providing a certain reference for the improvement of the safety performance of High Lumen output Ceiling Light.

Here is the content list:

  • Causes of safety problems during the use of High Lumen output Ceiling Light

  • The quality of lamps and accessories is also very important

Causes of safety problems during the use of High Lumen output Ceiling Light

The safety problem of High Lumen output Ceiling Light during use is mainly fire, and the specific possible reasons are as follows.

1. Lamps are close to combustibles

When the lamp is working, it will cause surface heating due to energy conversion. When the power is higher, its temperature will be higher with the increase of continuous use time. When the surface of the lamp is too close to or in direct contact with combustibles, resulting in poor or untimely heat dissipation, the accumulated heat may cause lamp failure and cause fire and other safety problems.

2. The installation of lamps and lanterns does not meet the requirements

The use of ordinary lamps in places with special hazards such as flammables and explosives is not in compliance with the installation requirements. The arc and spark generated by the High Lumen output Ceiling Light and the switch may ignite the explosive gas mixture in the air. or combustible dust. At the same time, heat-prone components such as lamps or ballasts are directly installed and fixed on combustibles, and long-term heat accumulation may also lead to safety accidents such as fires.

The quality of lamps and accessories is also very important

If you buy unqualified High Lumen output Ceiling Light, these lamps may have certain problems in circuit design, material selection, and safety design. In the case of unqualified quality lamps or unreasonable matching of lamp tubes, the temperature rises inside the lamp may destroy the insulation strength of the coil and cause a short circuit. If there are combustibles around, it may cause a fire.

Auxiliary equipment of lamps, such as switches, lamp holders, hanging boxes, and other accessories, may have faults such as poor contact and loose joints, which may generate electric sparks and cause fire or explosion accidents.

If the lighting circuit does not select the appropriate insulated wire according to the specific environment and requirements, it will be easily corroded in high temperature, humidity, acid, and alkali environments, causing it to lose its insulation ability and form a short circuit. In addition, the current/voltage characteristics of High Lumen output Ceiling Light are similar to other light-emitting diodes. The current is greatly affected by the voltage. Therefore, a slight change in the voltage will cause a large change in the current. Even if the voltage slightly exceeds the maximum rated voltage, the rated current will also increase. Significantly rising, thereby damaging or short-circuiting the LED lamp, which can easily cause fire and other safety accidents.

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