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Introduction of recessed mounted grille light
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Introduction of recessed mounted grille light

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Introduction of recessed mounted grille light

Recessed mounted grille light belongs to a kind of linear grille light, which is a more common recessed luminaire. These kinds of lamps and lanterns have higher brightness, can be installed in some hidden places, and the grounding of the lamps and lanterns is better.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Notes on recessed-mounted grille lights

  • Installation method of recessed-mounted grille lights

Notes on recessed-mounted grille lights

1. To ensure the safe installation, maintenance, and inspection of recessed-mounted grille lights, please entrust electrical professionals. Non-specialized structures can easily cause danger.

2. Do not install the luminaire in the wrong position. The luminaire is designed for ceiling mounting.

3. Do not use it in parallel with a dimmer to avoid malfunction.

4. Do not install it in high-temperature objects and humid places.

5. Do not use a light source larger than the specified maximum power. Please refer to the power supply sticker on the product. Under no circumstances should the bulb be insulated or covered with similar material.

6. To ensure a 75mm ventilation hole around the product, the use of this recessed-mounted grille light must not violate any fire regulations. Before maintaining, installing, or replacing the fixture, be sure to turn off the power and make sure the fixture is properly installed before turning it on.

Installation method of recessed-mounted grille lights

1. Be careful when picking up the recessed-mounted grille light, do not scratch it. When placing the luminaire, please note the position of its four sides so that the four sides of the luminaire are fully resting on the keel plate so that the bulb will not fall out.

Please note that if the bulb is heavy, use a cord to suspend it from the ceiling.

2. Pass the power cord through the socket hole and connect it properly to the terminal block of the recessed grille light. Pay attention to the L mark at the firewire, the N mark at the zero wire, and the ground mark at the ground wire.

3. Insert the light source correctly. When installing the light source, please pay attention to inserting the light source into the light slot. After hearing the clicking sound, it indicates that the light source is in good contact with the copper plate.

4. Insert one end of the suspension of the grille reflector into the suspension hole of the lamp body to facilitate the subsequent replacement of the light source, and then insert the grille reflector into the lamp body. It is worth noting that the shrapnel must be installed on the grille reflector. Good contact to prevent the grille reflector from falling off.

5. Turn on the switch light and the installation is complete.

When installing recessed-mounted grille lights, be sure to follow the installation instructions and that the light is only suitable for ceiling mounting and not for other places.

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