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Principles and advantages of Magnetic Track Light
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Principles and advantages of Magnetic Track Light

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Principles and advantages of Magnetic Track Light

Magnetic Track Light is more and more widely used in people's daily life. Magnetic Track Light is a new type of lamp that many urban men and women who pursue fashion and minimalism like. However, this kind of lamp is different from the traditional decorative lamp. If you I also like its cool appearance and want to install a Track light in my own home. Then, Zhongshan Teicci lighting technology Co., Ltd will introduce the principle and advantages of Magnetic Track Light to you.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction to the principle of Magnetic Track Light.

  • Five advantages of Magnetic Track Light.

Introduction to the principle of Magnetic Track Light.

Magnetic Track Light is a system of magnetically attaching the light fixtures to the track using a glamorous magnet. it's more accessible to install and remove the lamps, and it's also accessible for diurnal conservation. The conductive module of the light fixture is in elastic contact with the conductive strips in the companion rail main body, to supply power to the light fixtrues, and the powerful force connection is stable and dependable.            And it can flexibly match different styles and figures of the Surface Mounted track/embedded track according to colorful requirements and can be spliced to the track according to the purpose when the power allows.            Through glamorous magnet technology, the lamps can be attached to the track.            The light is easy to disassemble and assemble and can be secured by easy insertion.            At the same time, since the track is powered by low voltage, the motorist can be removed from the entire track and light fixtures can be made veritably small and delicate, which is veritably suitable for marketable lighting and home use.

Five advantages of Magnetic Track Light.

First, the Magnetic Track Light can be equipped with different lamps. Magnetic Track Light adopts a modular concept, and many light source modules can be applied to Magnetic Track Light, including downlights, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, chandeliers, and more. Magnetic Track       Light can freely choose the light source, allowing DIY matching to meet the lighting needs of different spaces. Second, Magnetic Track Light can freely increase or decrease the number of lamps. There is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the track, the brightness of the light is not enough, and the light source is increased by magnetic absorption: the brightness is too high, just take less light source. Third, Magnetic Track Light can move freely and adjust the angle freely. On the magnetic track, the light source can move freely, and the light can be freely arranged according to the space requirements. In addition, many Magnetic Track Light sources can be adjusted in angle, including magnetic spotlights, magnetic grid boxes, etc., which increases the freedom of lighting design. Fourth, the Mini spot light is low-voltage safe and has no peril of touching it. glamorous Track Lights generally use 24V or 48V low-voltage design. Indeed if the track is always reenergized, there's no peril in directly touching and installing lights. Fifth, the lighting of glamorous Track Light has a distinct sense of scale, which can meet the requirements of colorful scenes in different lives and can also be connected to colorful intelligent systems, bringing further convenience to life.

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