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Misunderstandings of lighting layout and office lighting application
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Misunderstandings of lighting layout and office lighting application

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Misunderstandings of lighting layout and office lighting application

The light that has a great impact on the human eye should not only satisfy the comfort and practicality of people doing anything under different light conditions but also pay attention to the overall different effects. Light changes how we recognize and understand everything around us. The scientific use of Office Ceiling Linear Light creates the most perfect state for the office as a whole.

Here is the content list:

  • Lighting layout

  • Misunderstandings in the use of office lighting

Lighting layout

Lighting layout is an extremely important part of office decoration design. Whether the lighting layout is reasonable is whether it can meet the office lighting needs. At the same time, the lighting layout is also the most basic guarantee for the effect of the entire decoration design. The design of the Office Ceiling Linear Light in the office should follow the three elements of simplicity, brightness, and ease of control.

Misunderstandings in the use of office lighting

Spotlights are a kind of ceiling lights, which have good focus and pertinence, and at the same time can convey a visual experience and a specific effect. So spotlights are widely used in today's modern decoration. But in fact, spotlights are not particularly suitable for lighting in the office. First, it is advisable to use lights with uniform brightness and a wide range of illumination in the office space. Spotlights do not meet this point. Second, the beams of spotlights are concentrated and the light is too dazzling, which is likely to cause visual fatigue in employees and reduce work efficiency. Office Ceiling Linear Light can well avoid this problem.

When decorating the office, many designers use a large number of incandescent lamps to pursue overall warmth and comfort, thinking that this can create a warm and comfortable feeling. This method of interior lighting design is wrong. Because the power of ordinary incandescent lamps is higher than that of LED light sources, the power consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps is also greater, and the heat generated is also more, so it does not save electric energy and improves the indoor environment of the office. Temperature, so that employees have impetuous emotions. Office Ceiling Flood Light can avoid this problem well.

In terms of decoration, the decoration of the office is different from the decoration of the home. There is no need to set up a light control circuit in the room, and the monofilament cannot change its control method at will. When decorating, it should be noted that the power switch and the controlled lights should be convenient for office staff to switch on and off. During the design, it must not be controlled at the front desk, and it is not easy to control the power box at will to avoid potential safety hazards.

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