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Mini Magnetic Linear Light color selection and glare control.edited
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Mini Magnetic Linear Light color selection and glare control.edited

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Mini Magnetic Linear Light color selection and glare control.edited

Nowadays Mini Magnetic Linear Light is widely used. Especially in clothing stores, Mini Magnetic Linear Light can be seen in abundance.

Here is the content list:

  • Choice of Mini Magnetic Linear Light color

  • Take measures against direct glare and indirect glare

Choice of Mini Magnetic Linear Light color

People are visually affected by color, and there will be certain associations in their thinking and subconscious mind, which is color imagery. Different colors cause people to have psychological changes, which directly affects the generation of consumer behavior. Making full use of these psychological feelings can promote the improvement of performance and customer satisfaction. However, colors are divided into cold and warm, which are called hues. According to the survey, warm colors will speed up the psychological rhythm of consumers, the pulse will speed up compared with cool colors, the breathing rate will increase, and the time will be prolonged. Therefore, in the selection of the color and color temperature of Mini Magnetic Linear Light, the shop mainly focuses on warm colors, while the pulse of cool colors will slow down and the mood will be calmer. If the main color of the brand positioning is cool, then it is best to control the color temperature of Mini Magnetic Linear Light with warm light, because the soft and warm light will slow down consumers and increase the stagnation time in the store.

Take measures against direct glare and indirect glare

For the control angle of glare, the angle within 30 degrees upward from the human level belongs to the "field of vision". Therefore, strong light should be avoided in this range, in the form of astigmatism and fill light. Adjust the angle between the light irradiation and the clothing, adjust the inclination angle of the illuminated surface with a high reflectance material, etc., in order to change the light reflection angle and avoid glare.

The brightness of the scene can be changed, and the film can be added to reduce the brightness of the light source according to the specific lighting conditions selected. Avoid direct exposure of Surface Mounted Track Light to human eyes, and at the same time adjust the brightness contrast of the lamp.

Changing the direction of light transmission, the lamp has an anti-glare function, so that the lamp has a certain protection angle, and with the appropriate installation position and height, generally speaking, the larger the protection angle of Surface Mounted Track Light, the more the light distribution curve will be relatively small, however, clothing stores require uniform brightness and wide light distribution. At this time, in order to avoid glare, the light source should be covered with a glass lampshade or covered with accessories.

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