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Installation and maintenance of lamps and limitation of glare
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Installation and maintenance of lamps and limitation of glare

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Installation and maintenance of lamps and limitation of glare

In some lighting factories, the shell material is too thin, and it has been deformed after being transported to the construction site, making it difficult to install in the ceiling opening. The packaging is too simple, and some factories have no packaging at all, and this kind of packaging cannot bear the loading and unloading during transportation. Some lamps and ballasts do not have a clear grounding point, and some grounding screws are too small to meet the requirements. And our company's Linear Grille Light has first-class quality and first-class packaging, so you can rest assured to choose our products.

Here is the content list:

l Limitation on glare

l Installation and maintenance of lamps

Limitation on glare

For general offices and general department stores, it is usually considered to limit glare. For office buildings where computers are used, full attention must be paid so that fluorescent lamps do not appear on the fluorescent screen. Low noise and high power factor In office buildings, since a large number of fluorescent lamps are used, the ballasts of fluorescent lamps often generate relatively high noise, so the noise generated by fluorescent lamp ballasts must be limited. From the American standard, there are provisions for this. At the same time, since the power factor of the inductive ballast is usually below 1, it has a great impact on the power factor compensation requirements of the substation. Therefore, it is very important to improve the power factor of the Linear Grille Light. Electronic ballasts are the solution to this problem one of the methods.

Generally speaking, the power factor of electronic ballasts is above 1, but general electronic ballasts are triggered by high frequency, which is prone to high-frequency interference. There are two types of interference, one is radiated interference, like radio waves, which affect Wireless communication around. . The other is heterogeneous interference, which spreads along the direction of the power line and pollutes the power grid, causing the non-power frequency since wave content in the power grid to exceed the allowable value, affecting other electrical products. Therefore, it is very important to choose a ballast with superior performance and high quality. If you choose a ballast with poor quality, it will often burn out the fluorescent tube and greatly shorten its life of the tube. But users will not say that the ballast manufacturer is not good, but only that the quality of the lighting factory is not good. There are many lessons in this regard in the past.

Installation and maintenance of lamps

The installation of the Linear Grille Light is not done by the personnel of the lighting factory, but by the electrical personnel of the construction project, so it must be easy to install. When necessary, the personnel of the production plant will go to the site to guide the installation. This is a problem with after-sales service. Lamps and lanterns will inevitably be deformed and damaged during transportation when they are transported to the construction site. We can't just sell them and collect the money. We must help the purchaser guide the installation, help repair and reshape the damaged or deformed ones, and do it when necessary. Exchange, repair.

For property management, maintenance work is their only main job. If maintenance work is inconvenient, they will say that your Linear Grille Light is not good and has a high damage rate, and they will not use it. Therefore, maintenance work is very important. The so-called maintenance refers to cleaning and changing bulbs, the lamp pins are not loose, the wiring inside the lamp is reliable, and it is convenient to replace the lamp.

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