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How to choose Magnetic Track Light
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How to choose Magnetic Track Light

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How to choose Magnetic Track Light

Magnetic Track Light can be said to be the most popular lamp in the past two years. With the spring breeze without main lights, there is a great trend of Magnetic Track Lights and non-main lights. Magnetic Track Lights can be said to have become a trend in home lighting taste. we have seen a lot of design of the Surface Mounted track, recessed track and pendant track. I feel that it is necessary to write an article to talk about whether the Magnetic Track Light should be installed or not, and how to choose it to avoid falling into the pit.

Here is the content list:

  • Things to keep in mind when buying a Magnetic Track Light.

  • Tracks are the most important accessory for Magnetic Track Lights.

Things to keep in mind when buying a Magnetic Track Light.

First, Magnetic Track Light is currently not universal for different brands of tracks, which means that if you buy a track light of a certain brand, you will need to buy a track of the same brand later. If the brand is discontinued, then it will be troublesome to match the lights. The high voltage track light track is standard universal and does not have this problem. At present, the low-voltage Magnetic Track Light is in a state of blooming, which is not uniform. Second, although Magnetic Track Light has a lot of matching modules, but when you choose the supplier, please choose the good one with anti-glare design lights with low UGR to avoide glare problem. Third, the rails are generally connected in series with lengths of 1m, 2m, and 3m maximum,  but also can be 0.5m, 1.5m, and 2.5m like that, customers also can cut the track according to length demand. Fourth, the Mini spot light is generally 4-wires, 2 for power connection and 2 for dimmers wires, ,so the track also with 4 wires as standard.

Tracks are the most important accessory for Magnetic Track Lights.

The track is the most important accessory of the Magnetic Track Light, which plays the role of providing fixture fixation and power supply. It is composed of an aluminum profile + a power supply wire and a magnetic suction device. Magnetic Track Light can be installed in recessed, pendant, and ceiling-mounted versions. Most households are embedded models, and the surface-mounted models are suitable for installation without ceilings, with some industrial styles. If there is not much space for surface installation, be sure to choose Flood light with a thinner track, otherwise, it will be ugly. The embedded model is also divided into plywood and ash. The plywood is used to clamp the track with skeleton and gypsum board. It is the most stable and the ceiling is not easy to crack. It is used the most and is recommended. The ash-applied version is suitable for the already installed ceiling, slotted to lock the track, and then ash-applied. The batch of ash must be pasted with mesh cloth, otherwise, it will crack in the later stage! In addition to the installation method, pay attention to the thickness, width, operating voltage, and several channels of the track when selecting the track. The thickness of the track directly affects the cost. The thin track is easy to deform, which will easily lead to the failure of the lamp to slide and poor contact. It is recommended that the track with a thickness of 1.8mm or more.

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