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Factors Affecting Grille Light Size
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Factors Affecting Grille Light Size

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Factors Affecting Grille Light Size

Linear Grille Light is a very common lighting fixture used in offices with chandeliers, shopping malls, hospitals, and other public places. There are two types of grille lamps: embedded and ceiling-mounted. The light source is generally a fluorescent tube. The chassis material is mostly made of high-quality cold-rolled sheets, and the surface is often treated with phosphating and spraying. Linear Grille Light is corrosion resistant, wears off easily and rarely fades. According to different division factors, grille lights have different factors. For example, if it is divided according to the installation method, there are two types of grille lights: exposed installation and concealed installation. According to the difference in reflector style, it can be divided into two types: I type and V type.

Here is the content list:

l The size of the grille light is related to the size of the office space

l The relationship between grille lamp size and material design

l What are the characteristics of grille lights

The size of the grille light is related to the size of the office space

Choosing the size of the grille light is also related to the size of the office space. If we look at the type, then the Recessed Mounted Grille Light is used more often, mainly because this kind of light has good light effects, and it also needs to meet people's needs in this aspect. However, the size of the Linear Grille Light also has certain differences, so you should pay attention to your own choice when choosing.

The relationship between grille lamp size and material design

The choice of grille lights has a lot of attention, especially in terms of its material design. Most of them are made of cold-rolled sheet materials, and the size of this grille light is naturally very expensive. At the same time, after a special material design, the grille light made of this material is lighter and the service life is prolonged. , to meet people's market needs.

What are the characteristics of grille lights?

First of all, Linear Grille Light is one of the most common lamps, of course, the most essential function is lighting, but relatively speaking, the light of the Grille Light is soft, without shadows, bright spots, and glare, which can bring people a very comfortable lighting effect.

Second, the grille lights have a longer lifespan. Compared with other lighting fixtures, the grille lamp has good heat dissipation, which can ensure the continuous and stable work of the lamp for a long time.

Furthermore, the Linear Grille Light is very easy to maintain and replace.

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