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Different types of Track Lights never go out of style
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Different types of Track Lights never go out of style

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Different types of Track Lights never go out of style

Mini magnetic track light is a new popular linear light, If you saw and use this products before, you will know how cool the Mini Track Light is. Maybe your hipster neighborhood friend has a dark wood-paneled basement with those mini aluminum tracks that run along the ceiling and lights that slide and turn to make every slumber party performance a spotlighted event. Or maybe your parents are designers who use the Mini Track Light to accentuate their orange and gold lace wall decorations.

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  • Mini Track Light never goes out of style

  • Different Types of Mini Track Light

Mini Track Light never goes out of style

The Mini Track Light is not only stylish but also functional, the removable light head makes it easy to direct the light exactly where you want it. You also don't have to start over with new fixtures if you change your mind within a week, a month, or a year. You can reposition the lights. Today's Mini Track Light is worth considering for your next lighting project. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for residential and commercial applications as accent lighting on shelves and artwork, task lighting on kitchen islands, and even ambient lighting in long, narrow spaces like hallways.

Different Types of Mini Track Light

Find out which type of Mini Track Light is best for your needs. With different types of tracks and heads, you'll need to make sure the fixtures and tracks are compatible. You also need to decide whether all the heads turn on and off together (single circuit track), or if some heads turn on and off independently of each other (dual circuit track). When making Mini Track Lights, consider grouping track headers together rather than separating them equidistantly. This gives a more modern, edgy look. We offer a wide variety of track heads.

Track lights also come in a variety of configurations. Line voltage track lighting uses standard 120V/240V from outlets and change the voltage to 24V/48V which connect to the track system,  which means they are they are safety enough to touch and change the light fixtures freely at any time.

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