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Development of Linear Grille Light
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Development of Linear Grille Light

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Development of Linear Grille Light

Linear Grille Light is also called high-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamps. The original grid lamps are made of domestic aluminum plates, which are used as lamp reflectors after oxidation treatment, and equipped with aluminum grids. Due to the high reflectivity of the aluminum plate, the light efficiency of the lamps is greatly improved, and the light efficiency of many lamps can reach more than 80%. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamp brackets and plastic light strips, Linear Grille Light has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, energy saving, no glare, convenient maintenance, good decorative effect, etc., and it is more modern and has been widely used since it came out.

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l Specifications and materials of the Linear Grille Light

l Linear Grille Light is evolving

Specifications and materials of the Linear Grille Light

The specifications of the Linear Grille Light include single tube, double tube, triple tube, and even four tubes. In addition to being used as a single lamp, it can also be used as a light strip or assembled in different shapes. For the light source, there are straight fluorescent tubes, most of them are T8, and there are also 18W or 36W H tubes. The most sold and used is the double-tube grille lamp. The ballasts used by Linear Grille Light include magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts. Compared with magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts have the advantages of good energy saving, fast start-up, no flicker, etc., and are the national "green ballasts". However, due to the current high price and unstable performance, the grid lamps using electronic ballasts in actual use only account for about 30% of the total output of grid lamps in the country.

Judging from the material usage of grille lamps, most of the lamp shells are made of thin steel plates baked with white paint or sprayed with plastic, and a small amount of them are made of aluminum alloy profiles. At present, the biggest difference is the use of reflector materials. There are coated aluminum plates imported from abroad, and the reflectivity can reach 95%; there are domestic coated aluminum plates or aluminum oxide plates, and the reflectivity can reach 85%; The reflectivity is only 45%; some even use tinplate coating, commonly known as stainless steel, with lower reflectivity.

Linear Grille Light is evolving

In recent years, some well-known foreign enterprises producing lamps have set up wholly-owned factories in China or joint ventures with domestic enterprises, bringing us a lot of advanced production technology and management experience. At the same time, the expansion of enterprise scale and the increase of output have also accelerated the pace of domestic enterprises introducing professional production equipment and technological transformation of old equipment. In addition, the implementation of my country's certification system has greatly promoted the quality improvement of my country's Linear Grille Light. The light distribution curve designed by the computer makes the light efficiency of the lamp higher, and the further improvement of the structure makes the maintenance of the lamp and the replacement of the lamp tube more convenient. The automatic spraying line introduced or self-made by some enterprises makes the appearance of a Linear Grille Light and The intrinsic quality of the paint coating is improved.

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