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Application and purchase of dimmable grille lights
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Application and purchase of dimmable grille lights

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Application and purchase of dimmable grille lights

A linear grille light is a group or more groups of parallel metal grilles and the framework of the lamps and lanterns, its light source is generally SMD or COB. One of the dimmable grille lights using imported organic board material, the bottom density uses a high-quality cold-rolled plate, the surface uses a phosphate spraying process, good anti-corrosion performance, not easy to wear, and fade. Light is hooked soft, and light transmission and fire resistance are relatively good, in line with environmental protection requirements.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Application of dimmable grille light

  • Dimmable grille light selection skills

Application of dimmable grille light

In the face of the current increasingly scarce energy problem, linear grille lamps are derived from dimmable grille lamps. It is the product of human requirements for lighting energy saving, green and environmental protection. With low power consumption, long service life, high efficiency, high brightness, low heat, rugged, shock-resistant, pressure-resistant, and other characteristics. dimmable grille lights are generally applied to large conference rooms, offices, and other occasions where electricity is generally used for a long time. In recent years grille lights gradually become mainstream products, in commercial lighting, household lighting popularity, is the inevitable trend of future lighting. The outside of the grille lamp uses silver or black reflector, two options and also a lens to solve the phenomenon of uneven light color, aperture and dark areas that occur in traditional lighting, also make the UGR less than 19. With the characteristics of good optical effect. From home lighting to office areas also some special lighting areas can be used. And dimmable grille light is no longer limited to high-end commercial places, even some homes and residential also slowly applied.

Dimmable grille light selection skills

With the continuous development of the times, the grille lamp size began to appear in various sizes, and style differences, especially according to the different consumption of people and different choices, for example, the size of the grille lamp, generally speaking, we can choose one heads, two heads, three heads, 4 heads with square shape, five heads and ten heads etc., especially from the reflective effect also often have different choices. Secondly, in terms of material, dimmable grille lights in terms of material, the best choice of aluminum, not easy to rust. Furthermore, in terms of light source, you can choose SMD and also can choose COB.

Then in terms of brightness, after the power is turned on, the brightness of the light should be uniform. In terms of price, do not be greedy for cheap, because the quality and price are certainly proportional. The last is the certification, you can see whether the dimmable grille light has 3C and CE certifications.

Our company pays attention to the details of product appearance and optical R&D applications, and our products are positioned at the high end with European quality standards. With the concept of "design is the soul of the product and quality is the life of the product", our company makes every customer feel the pulse of light through careful design and strict quality control. If you are interested in our company's dimmable grille light, welcome to have further information about our products.

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