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Application and Luminaire Efficiency of Recessed Mounted Grille Light
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Application and Luminaire Efficiency of Recessed Mounted Grille Light

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Application and Luminaire Efficiency of Recessed Mounted Grille Light

As an important part of lighting engineering, office lighting has gone through the stage from simply satisfying the illuminance to focusing on lighting energy saving and then better combining with the decoration style. "Comfortable Linear Grille Light, controllable Linear Grille Light, energy-saving lighting, and lighting integrated with architectural style", this four-in-one design concept will surely become the future development trend of office lighting.

Here is the content list:

l Application of Recessed Mounted Grille Light

l Lamp Efficiency of Linear Grille Light

Application of Recessed Mounted Grille Light

Since the ceiling was widely used in the decoration design of office buildings in the 1990s, Recessed Mounted Grille Light also entered the field of vision of office lighting. We can call this stage the "Grille Light Era". As we all know, the design style of the ceiling can better hide the electromechanical, HVAC, and other equipment, and the matching Recessed Mounted Grille Light has more advantages than the traditional ceiling-mounted control lighting in terms of improving the decoration level of the office space and improving the sense of space. obvious advantage.

More importantly, with the development of my country's green lighting engineering, in terms of light source electrical products for office lighting, halogen powder fluorescent lamps are replaced by tricolor fluorescent lamps with higher light efficiency and color rendering, and magnetic ballasts are replaced by more Energy-efficient electronic ballasts are replaced.

This kind of Recessed Mounted Grille Light, especially the aluminum grille lamp, has become the mainstream lamp for office lighting since the late 1990s, and it is also the type of lamp with the highest proportion of use in office lighting design in my country.

Lamp Efficiency of Linear Grille Light

The lamp efficiency of Linear Grille Light should not be less than 60%. So, how to make the lamps more efficient? First of all, we should understand that the function of the grille in the grille lamp is to reduce glare. The direct glare of the light source should be the focus of our reduction. In the grille lamps used in the "first generation of office lighting", we found that too many and too dense grilles are the main reason for reducing the efficiency of the lamps. Therefore, reducing direct glare and reducing the impact of grilles on lamp efficiency is the development direction of the new generation of Linear Grille Light.

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