Professional line lights, including winding lights and wire linear light.
What makes TEICCI LIGHT different?
What makes TEICCI LIGHT different?
  • LED Source.

Being a partner with the top LED manufacturer, customized LED module for special project becomes possible, featuring highly-efficient lumen output in small source-size packages, our products lines are best for commercial and residential lighting applications, all ideas come true in integrated applications spacing from electronics to mechanics, from optics to design, every single component is designed starting from the LED source and manufactured with a view to achieving optimum performance of the finished products.

  • Optics

With high demand for beam patterns, glare control and technological high-performance product, we are dedicated to the R&D department and follow every aspect from product engineering to prototyping, from optics design to photometrics analysis, in one word, we design our every sing beam.

  • Glare Control

Glare control is key to success of a good light, in order to get the best visual comfort, TEICCI R&D team tried many ways to achieve the ideal effect for each design, for different LED source, different luminaire structure and applications, glare control design is different including enlarging shielding angle, black painting, optimized depth of anti-glare ring, calculated curvature of reflectors and lens, honey comb and cross louver etc, we ensure every product delivered to our client is glare-free.

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