What are the application scenarios of smart home lighting system?

What’s the smart home lighting system? Smart home lighting control has the functions of intensity adjustment of light brightness, light timing control, scene setting and other functions, and realizes the intelligent control of home lighting equipment.

What are the application scenarios of smart home lighting system?

  1. Good morning scene (wake up scene)

Do users want the lights to turn on at 6:30 in the morning, or do they want them to light up slowly in the morning? The good morning scene will also help turn on the kitchen lighting, turn off the outdoor lights, and even turn on the TV if the user wants, and at the same time adjust to the morning news channel that the user likes to watch.

  1. Holiday scene (away from home scene)

The holiday scene allows the lighting to simulate the state of the owner when he is at home. It is also possible to connect holiday scenes with temperature control systems and security systems.

  1. Office, audio and video (special scene)

Commercial lighting solutions can realize the intelligent management of the whole house lighting, and a variety of intelligent control methods can be used to realize the switch, dimming, full on and off, and "meeting, theater" and other one-key lighting scenes.

  1. Bedroom -> bathroom scene

When you want to go to bed, just click on the sleep scene to enter the sleep mode and automatically turn off all the lights in the bedroom; when you wake up at night, click on the "rise at night" scene to enter the wake up mode, between the bedroom and the bathroom Slowly illuminate the warm light without glare, that is, to achieve the lighting needs of the night without affecting the family's sleep experience. The guest bathroom is used the most frequently. When a guest comes, you will not find the switch where the switch is because you go to the bathroom for the first time. As long as you enter the guest bathroom, the light will slowly turn on and the exhaust fan automatically starts to work. When guests leave, they don’t need to turn off the lights, the lights and exhaust will automatically turn off.

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