Teicci Lighting Provides Series of Linear LED Pendant Lighting Used in Different Areas

As its name implies, a linear led pendant lighting is a lamp that can be embedded and seamlessly installed on the wall or cabinet. It comes with a variety of forms to meet the decorative needs of different scenes. By the combination of line elements and LED lights, linear led lights soften the light while enhancing the atmosphere of the space, making the lighting more comfortable.

Currently used for ceiling decoration is mainly hard-light strip linear lights, which are composed of light troughs and light bars. It is necessary to slot in the pre-construction stage to reserve the wire position, and then insert it into the light trough to install the light strip. The recessed light strip after completion has no frame, giving people a visually "no light" lightness. And a variety of color temperatures and light lengths can be selected to meet the different lighting needs of different spaces.

Linear LED Pendant Lighting Used in Different Areas:

1. Linear dining room lights

Along the ceiling top, the combined geometric shapes can also greatly improve the three-dimensional sense and grade of the living room. There is no need to install the chandelier on the ceiling.

2. Corridor ceiling lights, hotel corridor lighting

Corridors, especially long and narrow corridors, have poor lighting and are full of depression. Instead of ordinary chandeliers, linear lamps can satisfy uniform lighting. One of advantages is that linear light can be installed scattered along the wall, and the light source will not be concentrated in a certain position. While illuminating the space, it also has an exquisite decorative effect, giving people a feeling of being in a movie screen instantly.

3. Linear kitchen island lighting

The linear pendant lighting for kitchen island makes the kitchen full of technology, making cooking more vigorous and having a great dining atmosphere.

4. led light strips under bed

Light strips can also be used for bedroom ceilings. In addition, some families will consider making light strips under the bedroom beds, which will look more beautiful at night.

Whether it is a large or a small apartment, Teicci Lighting recommends recessed linear light when decorating to reduce visual fatigue and clean easily. It also creates high-end atmosphere. Please visit our website for more info.

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