Professional line lights, including winding lights and wire linear light.

  • LED Magnetic linear track light 24V/48V

    Magnetic linear track light from TEICCI LIGHT is made by die-cast aluminium, very popular magnetic track light model in the market, Spotlight head 355° rotatable and 180° tiltable; surface powder coated in white ,and Oxidation in black color, can be also speical color according to customer need based on the quantity.

    Power from Minimum 3W to Maxmum 30W, both one single spot head and double heads for each model are available, Honeycomb is for options.

  • LED Magnetic tiltable linear grille light 24V/48V

    LED magnetic tiltable linear grille light with straight and wall wash two function is made by aluminum ADC12, , using Osram SMD and MW outside driver, 2 different sizes including 6W and 12W, surface powder coated in white ,Oxidation in black color, also can be speical color according to customer need based on the quantity.

  • LED celling linear cricular ring

    "The celling round circular ring is a very hot selling products now, High grade aluminum for fixture with no visible screws, and equipped with aluminum PCB for LED source, high efficiency PC and even light distirbution make the light uniform and anti-glare but no shadow. Equipped with Osram non-flicker driver and high lumen philips SMD chip, Options for 1-10V dimming, dali dimming and color changing driver.

    Long lifespan up to 50000 hours, low decay and low maintanence cost.

    Lumen output can up to 100lm/W.

  • Recessed grille spot light

    LED celling linear spot light /grille light family series is new but very popular series products, both wholesaler and retailer, as well as end users like it. power from 3W to 24W maxmium. white and black two colors for fixture body, silver and black two colors for reflector.
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