Linear LED Light: Application Scenarios, Characteristics and Lighting Effect

As LED technology continuously improves, the appearance and performance of linear LED lights are constantly improving. A growing list of lighting scenes are applied to linear elements. The compact and efficient lighting method increases the sensory experience and visual art effects of the space.

At present, from the perspective of the diversity of linear lamp styles and installation methods, the linear led ceiling light is a flexible product. It acts as the function of both lighting and visual art. What’s more, lighting color, installation method and size can be changed with each individual space.

According to the specific application range, the length can be freely customized according to the actual installation requirements, and the splicing is free. The built-in light source can also change the power and color temperature according to the scene. In addition, with the popularization of intelligent control systems, in order to increase the sensory experience, more and more users like to add intelligent control effects to enhance the visual art effect of the space.

1. Linear lighting application scenarios

Now, linear lamps are no longer only used in the office field. Designers apply them to high-end commercial spaces, home spaces, industrial lighting and other environments to create different light and shadow effects.

It is suitable for bar counters, kitchens, clothing stores, wine cabinets, stairs, stores, front desks, walls, bookcases, toilets, bedrooms, dance rooms, display cabinets, aisles, ceilings and other places.

2. Linear lighting characteristics

Convenient installation: embedded installation has no future troubles;

Soft light: the color is truly restored, and the color is bright and full;

Customizable length: can be cut to size according to lighting requirements;

No border: no border after installation, more fashionable and avant-garde

3. Color temperature effect display

Linear lights can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to the scene and design requirements, so as to better provide lighting and atmosphere rendering for the space.

Linear lights are used as art installations and lamps, and they are also very beautiful. The meticulous and uniform light can be freely changed and combined in the space, bringing basic lighting functions, but also showing strong artistic appeal, showing its unique charm and spatial experience.

-Office Space

The change of linear lighting not only gives the space agility, but also gives people a sense of simplicity, clarity and comfort. As a functional and customized product, linear lights will become the designer's first choice in office space design.

  1. Commercial space

Suspended linear led lighting is also widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a sense of brightness and rhythm. The overall atmosphere can be easily created through lighting. In space design, light is an indispensable decorative element.

  1. Application of aisle space scene

Through clever light and shadow changes and contrast between light and dark, the whole building is full of interest and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects.

Use lighting design to construct a free, agile, and imaginative temperament space, and weaken its sense of existence through hidden forms, and gradually arrange along the corresponding space contours to concave a unique geometric shape together with the wall.

  1. Home lighting

With its beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection, LED light strips have become an important means to realize "seeing the light but not the light". Using light as a brush, outlines a space with a texture of appropriate shades.

  1. Application of stairwell scene

The linear lamp brings light to the space, which not only enriches the spatial context, but also creates a visual sense of contrast between light and dark levels and virtual reality.

  1. Application effect of skirting

Linear luminaires have been continuously improved and enriched in the evolution of technology and modeling, lighting up the light reflected by the LED light strip through the floor, making it possible to have both functions and lighting.

  1. Application of cabinet linear lamp

Bookcases, wardrobes, wine cabinets and other locations, while satisfying the lighting function, ignite the atmosphere of the entire space, capture people's visual focus, and create a light, agile and exquisite spatial context.

The LED lights are installed in the cabinet to increase the light source, which is cleverly combined with the shelf to weaken the sense of closed space and fully render the exquisite and fashionable indoor atmosphere.




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