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When you are in the market for the proper LED linear lighting, you’ll see that the products are plentiful and overwhelming. Nothing is lacking for your demand. At this time, it is particularly important to look for the professional LED linear lighting manufacturer, which is not a task to be taken lightly before buying.

Teicci Lighting is a professional linear light manufacturer specialized in manufacturing magnetic linear light and office linear light.

Main Products:

-LED Magnetic Linear Spot Light

Series of LED magnetic linear spot light including 2 models, model NML02 with 2 spot heads, totally 6W, and model NML04 with 4 spot heads, totally 12W, fixture has two colors including white and black for options. also can can be speical color according to customer need based on the quantity.

-LED Magnetic Tiltable Linear Grille Light

LED magnetic tiltable linear grille light with straight and wall wash two function is made by aluminum ADC12, , using Osram SMD and MW outside driver, 2 different sizes including 6W and 12W, surface powder coated in white ,Oxidation in black color, also can be speical color according to customer need based on the quantity

Why Teicci Lighting can stand out from the numerous competitors?

What we have?

Teicci Lighting has been focused on the appearance of the product details and optical research and development applications for many years. The products position in high-end with European quality standard. We mainly use Osram chip and the power supply from Tridonic, Osram, Meanwell, and other well-known brands, to ensure our products are long-lasting.

You will be in good hands with TEICCI LIGHTING for discussing the options of your LED Linear Lighting.



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