How to plan lighting with LED ceiling spotlights?

LED ceiling spotlights can be used as a versatile light source in all kinds of rooms. It is no doubt that you will encounter many problems when thinking about planning the lighting. If you are wondering which is best for your specific circumstances, in this article, we have a roundup for picking up your suitable Led ceiling spot lights.

Which kind of LED spotlights should I use?

The lighting requirements vary for every room. Considering the tasks or applications of the room, we need to choose the perfect type of lighting suitable to the area. There are only two kind of LED spot lights can be used: one is for warm white lighting, and the other is for color lighting. We can offer both.

Where should I use which spotlight?

Let’s check a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. It is the best to use the warm white spotlight if you are working in the home office or kitchen where needs lots of light. It can concentrate the light at a point.
  2. The rgbw spotlight will be the great option for stylish lighting in ceiling use and wall use, which offers a diffuse light throughout the room.

How many spotlights do I need? How much space should be between them?

Measure the space and remember the lighting rule as below:

The light beam of warm white led spotlight is better to overlap the next light beam by a third.

Where should I place LED spotlights if I have a fan?

Avoid the lights under the fan and keep distance between the LED ceiling spotlight and the ceiling fan.



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