How to choose a ceiling linear light?

Ceiling recessed linear light, Magnetic linear light

Magnetic linear lights and ceiling linear light bring a different visual experience due to their unique line beauty, which is the preference for decoration as well as Led linear lighting manufacturers. When in the purchase of ceiling recessed linear light, you’ll see that the products are overwhelming. In addition to texture and appearance of linear light ceiling, the following points should also be noted:

  1. Look at the voltage

Linear lights in ceiling are generally low-voltage, with a voltage of 48v or 24v, with 48v being the majority. But some also do high-pressure, because the cost is low, but if it is placed on the wall, it is too dangerous.

  1. Look at the width of the magnetic track and light

The home decoration should not be too wide, otherwise it is very thick and ugly. The space for the lamp is only 23mm, so the light-emitting surface of the lamp is less than 20mm. 4ft magnetic linear led retrofit kit and 8ft magnetic linear led retrofit kit can be found on the market.

  1. Look at the luminous position

If it is hoisting, it is best that the track can emit light up and down to appropriately increase the sense of space.

  1. Look at the track height

The selected track generally has high and low, high tracks, so that the lights can be placed in the same level as the track.

  1. Look at the brightness of the light

Choose the light, surface-emitting linear light, the wall can not be installed too bright, it is too dazzling, install it on the top for lighting, you can choose to be brighter.

  1. Look at the degree of fit between the track and the track head

The coordination of the track and the track head is the most difficult, so if it is not handled properly, it is difficult to insert it, it is difficult to pull it out, or even fall off.

  1. Look at the suction power of the magnetic lamp

Whether the magnetic lights can be firmly attached to the track.

  1. See if there is anti-glare function (choose according to your own needs)

Choose magnetic track lights, and grid linear lights. Pay attention to anti-glare.

The celling linear light series from TEICCI

The celling linear light series from TEICCI adopts high-grade aluminum, surface spraying and high-efficiency PC, along with uniform light distribution. It will be equipped with OSRAM flash free driver and high lumen Philips chip. Options range from 1-10V dimming, color changing drives and Dali dimming. What’s more, Lumen output can up to 100lm/W. Long lifespan is up to 50, 000 hours. It is easy to connect and install to any shape.

Teicci Lighting: an Led linear lighting manufacturer

Teicci Lighting is an Led linear lighting manufacturer with market-oriented, quality-centered, service-oriented, innovation as the source, and healthy lighting products as its mission. We are committed to providing high-efficiency, energy-saving, healthy and comfortable, high-end quality lighting products and lighting solutions for households, commerce, industry. We provide linear light ceiling and magnetic linear light with a fair linear light price.



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